Vieux motards que jamais



Most Sundays one or more rides from Vallee d’Abondance (weather dependent!). Usual meeting point Bar Escalade – La Chapelle d’Abondance – 74360.  To receive SMS ride alerts, contact Enzo.

rougegazonHello Ulysses Club Friends.

On behalf of Ulysses-Club France I am pleased to invite Ulysses-Club members to join us at the Rouge Gazon centre in the Vosges mountains, for the 2019 European Ulysses-Club Gathering which will be held from Friday 13 September to Monday 16 September 2019.

website : https://rouge-gazon.fr/

General information about the event is contained in the attached PDF.

Update note for the event in this PDF file.

The presentation of Tee-Shirt event in this PDF file.

The questionnaire to replies by the 15th August in this DOC file. or in this PDF file.

GPS route plans will be available on this page for the end of August 2019.


President Ulysses Club France